What date is your personal income tax return due?

For ordinary Canadian individuals, the personal tax returns have to be filed on or before April 30Income tax filing deadline for 2014 was extended to May 5, 2015.

Due dates for self-employed persons and their spouses

Due dates for deceased persons

Due dates for filing a section 216 election tax return

Due dates for filing corporate income tax return (T2)

Due date falls on weekend or a holiday

When the due date falls on a Saturday, a Sunday, or a holiday recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), your return will be considered to be filed on time or your payment to be made on time if the CRA receives it or it is postmarked on the next business day.

Penalties and interest for filing your income tax return late

For how long do I have to keep my records? 

What is Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP)?

What is the deadline to file your SR&ED claim?

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