What is working income tax benefit (WITB)

Working income tax benefit (WITB) is a refundable tax credit available to lower-income individuals and families who have earned income through employment or business.

To claim the working income tax benefit (WITB), you need to meet certain conditions.

The WITB consists of a basic amount and a disability supplement. Disability supplement is additional benefit available to those who are entitled to a disability tax credit for the year.

The WITB is calculated based on the working income, the adjusted family net income, and whether you have an eligible spouse or an eligible dependant.

If you have an eligible spouse, there are specific rules about who should claim this credit.

You can use Schedule 6 to calculate the benefit you are entitled to and claim the credit on line 453 of your tax return.

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How to calculate working income tax benefit (WITB) credit for single individuals

How much is working income tax benefit (WTTB) credit for families

The working income tax credit was introduced in 2007.

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